Mission/ History

The Irvine Swim League MISSION

The Irvine Swim League’s goal is to provide the organizational structure for a recreational/developmental summer swim league for youth who live in Irvine or attend schools in Irvine with an emphasis on water safety, stroke instruction, and individual improvement.

The Irvine Swim League VISION

ISL’s vision is to introduce the sport of swimming to youngsters who live in Irvine through Homeowner Association Teams and City Teams.

The Irvine Swim League PHILOSOPHY

The Philosophy of the League is to promote neighborhood swim teams through a formal ongoing organization.

To provide the type of individual competition that has, as its primary goal, the safe teaching of swimming with the proper strokes, and the enhancement of each swimmer’s self-esteem through the improvement of their individual performance.

To promote sportsmanship and to promote improved relationships between swimmers, parents and neighbors.

As a secondary goal, the Irvine Swim League provides each swimmer the experience of team camaraderie.

The Irvine Swim League OFFICERS

The Board of Directors is comprised of League officers, Presidents and Representatives from each team in the League. The Board meets throughout the year in order to provide a quality summer program for Irvine youth.

The Irvine Swim League HISTORY

Nancy Albers and Mike Flynn, Irvine residents, working with Dion Gray and Dave Tungate, Community Services, and Deanna Manning, Director of Community Services for the City of Irvine, founded the league in 1985. There were 260 swimmers on five teams that first season. Now, representing twenty-two teams, over 2700 swimmers participated in the 2018 season.